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Mooring Buoys

Dave's Dive Services, LLC has been recognized by the State of Washington as a qualified installer of the new environmentally-friendly helix anchor, or "screw type" mooring systems. This type of mooring system is the one preferred by the Washington State Department of Ecology. Dave's crew is professionally trained in the installation and maintenance of these systems, and is the sole distributor for Eco-Moorings, Inc., the developer of this system, in the South Puget Sound Metropolitan Area. We are the experts.

Even so, our prices generally come in at 20% or more below the prices of our competitors. Why? Because Dave's Dive Services, as a full-service dive company, has a lot of different types of work, and we stay busy all the time. Once your system is installed, we are off to other work the next day - we don't have to make our entire month's profit off your system, as some of our competitors do. And we offer professional, cost-competitive maintenance and monitoring services to ensure your system remains safe to use once it is installed. We stand behind our systems with an impressive 5-year warrantee.* We can build a system for any size boat. Call us for a free estimate.

*Requires enrollment in our annual maintenance inspection and service program.

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